Jesse is a well-rounded percussionist who is educated in a variety of musical genres. He loves helping people maximize their potential and teaches his students to respect the process. Jesse is an online instructor who will challenge you to move out of your comfort zone while learning to love the grind.

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Rudimental Snare Drum

More about Jesse

A freelance musician, composer, clinician, and passionate educator from Pittsburgh, Jesse is a dedicated supporter of both the marching activity and the fine arts. In addition to extensive experience as a percussionist, Jesse is known for his uniquely diverse background in music composition, media production, engineering/construction, and visual design/choreography. Jesse is the founder of SieffMusic, a rapidly growing creative arts platform that offers services in media production, composition, performance art/entertainment, and education.

Currently, Jesse is stationed at Marine Barracks Washington, D.C. serving as an active duty musician with the "The Commandant's Own" United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps. In addition to his various duties on the snare line, Jesse’s responsibilities and billets within the unit include Media/Public Affairs Office NCO, Assistant Front Ensemble Writer/Arranger, Drum Tuning NCO, Gear Management/Truck Squad, Barracks Squad Leader, and Mail Orderly. He is profoundly grateful and honored to have the opportunity to serve the United States while simultaneously promoting his passion for music and the marching arts.

In addition to studying percussion under both Dr. Michael Kingan and Dr. Ronald Horner, Jesse's training includes over three years performing in the marching arts under the instruction of Rob Ferguson, a world class director and designer with Matrix Performing Arts. Jesse’s participation in collegiate marching bands, Winter Guard International, Drum Corps International, and the Marine Drum & Bugle Corps has provided countless opportunities for competitions, performances, and tours across the United States, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Recently, Jesse has been deeply invested in composing modern percussion literature and designing creative media content with an associate team of artists. In 2016, Jesse composed a marching snare solo entitled Chopstakovich, which was written over a recording of Mvt. II of the Symphony in C Minor, String Quartet No, 8, Op. 110 by Dmitri Shostakovich. The solo has since been published and featured as an all-time best seller on He is a proud endorser of GroverPro Percussion, Innovative Percussion, Drumslinger Percussion, and Dynasty USA.

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